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Client Testimonials

The following are comments from satisfied costumers.  Thank you all for you wonderful words.  These messages you received are not from me, they simply flow through me for you, but I do appreciate your feed back.

Crystal Light Healing Bed Testimonial

 Hi Jenn,

    Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for the Amazing session! Actually Amazing is not close enough to how I felt after, between 1-10 it was a "20" . I was very comfortable and the only thing distracting me was my ego. I always have this little talk reassuring my ego that I am not abandoning him, I just want him to step aside for a moment and let spirit take over. People have a hard time meditating because they don't know how to communicate properly with their ego's. With that aside I went deep into what I feel is a self hypnosis while you did the Reiki.  With the bowls there was a lot of shifting and sensations through my body. I feel I did a fair bit of releasing at that point.
      I then went to teach a Yoga class at 4:00 that day and told my boss and every one there about my treatment. I gave out a few cards and highly recommended you. I told them of the profoundly Loving energy that you project through your hands and heart as well as the professionalism of it all. They seemed as impressed as I am  about it.
      I explained the order of the treatment and how several hr's. later I was still floating in a beautiful space, so relaxed and clear. I didn't mention but I am in the middle of a De-Tox and it was making me feel a little edgy, but after my treatment the edge was gone. I felt so relaxed (still do) clear and calm, and I slept right through the night!
      A treatment like this helps me to connect closer to spirit, keeping me in this beautiful space of Love and Bliss. The whole reason we are hear, to wake each other up to the truth and who we really are. I can't wait for my next one. :-)

    Thanks so Much
              Greg Bradshaw  

Personal Guided Meditation Feedback

"It was such a treat to experience a powerful healing meditation with Jennifer. I highly recommend her services as a spiritual tune-up for anyone looking to do some gentle, but effective energy balancing. Thanks Jennifer!"
- Zuri Eberhart

 Reiki Feedback

Hi Jenn,
I just wanted to thank you for the session on Friday. I feel lighter and less congested. I have given a lot of thought to the things that you told me afterward and have looked up my animal spirit guides. It is a turning point for me-thank you for sharing your gift.


Reading Feedback


that helped A LOT...thank you so much. You're right on the money girlfriend.

It was good to get all that so clearly. It's been so difficult because I love him very much, but we are in really different places vibrationally and it's affecting me. He kinda knows this on some level. We're both having a hard time letting each other go because the heart is so strong, but i know deep down, it's what i/we have to do.

Hmmmm...just today i got a hit of another in my life, so that was good to hear from you as well.

Your reading gives me strength. I so appreciate your talents and wisdom.

Blesssings and thanks,


Wow beautiful Jenn - this is a perfect reading for me - as if you know everything about me.
Thank you for this beautiful confirmation for what I am doing with my life at the present time and clearing up some areas for direction.
I truly appreciate this - you are very gifted!!!
and a beautiful soul.

Hello Jenn,

Thank you so much for your amazing reading. I am happy to give you some feedback. I am very grateful that you took the time to do the reading for me. It has helped so much.

I have a lot of sadness at the moment, which you picked up on. I want to walk away from it and I am trying to at the moment.

I started using music to help me yesterday and I do have a creative project that I have been wanting to start but haven't felt motivated to do so.

My mind has definitely been on the material world, so I am going to focus on others things now. I also sometimes forget to receive, because it is in my nature to give a lot.

I have an issue from a past life that is making me very uncomfortable and I have been pushing it away so I don't have to deal with it.

So your reading was amazingly accurate! I hope this feedback is helpful. You are very gifted.

Much love to you and thank you for being my angel today.

Dear Jenn,

Thank you so much. Yes, the reading truly resonates - I know often I would rather hide and yet I know it is time to move out... Yes, this is very accurate as I stand poised to put myself out there more publicly and not just depend on word of mouth for clients.

I plan to print this and sit with it to allow the words to go deeper and help me in my moving forward.

Thanks again. I am so grateful that you took the time to do this for me.

Many blessings and much love,


wow, where do i start? THANK YOU !! VERY MUCH!! i had a chance this afternoon to read my email and it brought tears to my eyes.....the deep healing and connection i felt at that moment so very much in balance to the healing i could feel myself receiving during the time you were in the forest..... before getting online for a quick second i was feeling very relaxed and a little sleepy as if just needing to rest a bit..... and then when i read the email i understood why.... 

Let's Talk Life Coaching Testimonial 

 You are amazign Jenn!  You make me feel wonderful and special.  I have gained so much confidence by seeking your guidance and sharing my journey 

Lori Ann

Angel Letter Testimonial

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the reading that you did on me.  I received this written reading from my friend Tracey last week and to be honest with you it was the most important and personal gift I have ever received.  It touched home and at points it made me cry....many times.  Tracey mentioned that you had some difficulty with my reading.....well....yes there is  alot going on in my life but since the reading I have been trying to ask my angels for help but to be honest i am not sure on how to do so.  I have to tell you though...since this for some reason I do not feel alone....it is an amazing feeling.  I am so amazed at how talented and gifted you are.....you have been given a gift from God and I wanted to say thank you.  I would love to have a reading with you someday.  I am hoping that Tracey will join me. 
Thank you again , have a fabulous New Year and I will talk to you soon I hope.

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