Spiritual Sparkles Healing Center

Assisting those who are feeling stuck or overwhelmed,
 empowering them to use their inner strength to
 reach their dreams. Empowering passion.
......a healing hand along the way.


Self Exploration Experience

A value package designed to support you during transition

Experience over 3 hours of distance healing targeted to assist you in finding your blocks and fears, loving who you are, and moving forward in life.  

The first 90 minute session will bring you completely into your body, love who you are as you are, experience your pain points(emotional and physical) and release blocked energy.  Value $125.00

The next 45 minute session is targeted to take you deeper into your pain points, explore their roots, release what is no longer serving you, and love yourself completely.  Value $65.00

The final 30 minute session combines tips, techniques and coaching to create your dreams from your true authentic self.  $50.00

All sessions can be booked as you are ready to take the next step.

Combined value $240.00  
Cost $197.00  you can $44.00

Crystal Light Healing Bed

Deep Healing on all Levels

 Exciting New Therapy 

This 90 minute session, a combination of sound, light, colour, crystal and aroma therapies will take you deep within where you can release all that is no longer serving you.  You will become so relaxed that all things are possible.   A treatment you won't soon forget.  Treat yourself to complete relaxation as the crystal singing bowls vibrate through you, the light shines through the crystals in order to activate your body to release on all levels.

90 minute in person session  $125.00

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Angel/Psychic Readings

All readings are equal.  I can read for you either in person, on the phone, or through email.    Thank you for selecting the appropriate reading for you and sending me your phone number to book an appointment.

15 minute readings $40.00

30 minute Reading  $65.00

60 minute Reading $150.00

Angel Party, a gathering of friends, 15 minute private readings each .  Minimum 6 people.  $25.00 each

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Meditation Journey

Release the old embedded beliefs and stories

Each time we experience pain or trauma in our lives we unknowingly tell ourselves a story that helps us heal from the experience.  These may be emotional, physical, mental or spiritual experiences or trauma.  We carry these messages and memories at a subconscious level, most often not even being aware they are there.  These stories and beliefs we have created play havoc in our lives, fears, limiting beliefs, blocks, unhealthy patterns and behaviors.  Until we release these stories and beliefs we will never completely be our true selves.

It is possible to go into our psyche and memory to change the outcomes of these events and circumstances.  

A meditation journey is often emotional, and very freeing for those experiencing them.  A journey can be done over the phone or in person.

Are you ready to let go of the stories that are playing havoc in your life? 

Book a 90 minute session today.  

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Distance or in person Reiki Session

An ancient Japanese Healing Technique that involves channeling Life Force Energy creating a flow of energy that relaxes the body.  Once the body is totally relaxed and energy is flowing properly without blocks it will begin to heal itself.  

You will leave feeling lighter and as if you are walking on clouds as you will have let go of anything negative and heavy that you have been carrying around. 

Session includes any messages that may come through for you. Sessions usually last between 45-an hour.


Paypal Account:  [email protected]

Pre Birth or Mom and Baby Reiki

Prepare for birth or connect with Mom and Baby after birth.

Reiki is known to assist in preparing  the body for delievery of your baby.  The following articles support the benefit of reiki for baby and Mom either before or after birth.  

Book a session for either distance reiki or in person reiki



$65.00    Makes a great shower gift.  

Paypal Account:  [email protected]

Angel Therapy Session

In person or via phone

Spend an hour of complete comfort and relaxation as the Angels work on your body, healing and releasing what no longer serves you.  Arch Angel Michael and Arch Angel Raphael will both work closely with you cutting cords, releasing negative energy, healing old wounds.  

This is a deep healing session that will leave you feeling comforted, healed, and protected. In person or via phone.


Paypal Account:  [email protected] 

Spoil Yourself with Self Love

90 Minute Distance Healing Session

This 90 minute Self Love Session combines Reiki, Guided Meditation, Angel Therapy, Affirmations and Coaching, Targeted to bring you completely into your body, accept you as you are, explore you blocks, and affirm your greatness.
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House/Space Clearing

Buying or Selling a New Home?

Why move into someone else's energy.  Have your new home cleansed and cleared with a crystal singing bowls session.  Revitalize the energy in your existing home or office space.  Release the old stuck energy and create new vibrant energy to live and work in.

$75.00  etransfer to [email protected] or cash
Introduction to Meditation and Charkas 11-16 year olds
Give your child the tools that will last a life time.  This 4 hour interactive workshop will offer them:
Experience and Practice Meditation
Explore their chakra system
Learn how their chakras work in their body/life experience
Learn how they become blocked
Learn how to keep them healthy and balanced

March 12 9-1 Orillia   to register use the first paypal button below
March 13th Barrie  12:30-4:30 pm  to register use 2nd button
March 15th Toronto  9-1  1:30-5:30  pm  use 3rd button below


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  What is Reiki?

The word Reiki means spiritually guided(Rei) live force energy(Ki).  Reiki is a hands on healing modality dating back at least 2500 years.  A session treats the body, emotions, mind and spirit, which is the best place to start for all healing.  There are different types of Reiki such as Usui, Kundalini, and Prana.

How can Reiki help you

On the physical level Reiki can reduce or eliminate pain, relax the body, eliminate migraines, accelerates healing time, accelerate recovery after surgery, cleanse the body of toxins, reduce blood pressure, increase energy, lower heart rate and slow bleeding.  

 On the emotional level Reiki calms, reduces and eliminates stress, balances negative moods and emotions, diminishes or eliminates insomnia, as well as helps cope with shock after life changes or loss.

On the mental level Reiki can increase creativity and learning ability, reduce self destructive habits, correct unwanted patterns and blocks(low self esteem, procrastination), helps focus on goal realization, calms anxiety and improve relationships.

Reiki Sessions

During a Reiki session my intention is to be a vessel for life force energy to flow through me to you to assist you in healing all areas of your life.  A session consists of 30 or 60 minutes of laying on of hands in specific areas.  I will connect with your healing guides, spirit guides and angels  to assist in the session.  


Distance Reiki

 Reiki energy can be sent to clients remotely, this type of healing energy is just as powerful and just as effective as a private session.  If you or someone you know can not make it to me, I can do the healing session and send the energy to you.  Reiki is very effective in helping cancer patients both deal with the pain and rebuild a stronger healthy body.  This healing modality also helps to reduce the recovery time after surgery, and can also help to prepare a body and mind for surgery .  Please keep me in mind if you or a loved one is in need of some healing energy.

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