Spiritual Sparkles Healing Center

Assisting those who are feeling stuck or overwhelmed,
 empowering them to use their inner strength to
 reach their dreams. Empowering passion.
......a healing hand along the way.

Fairies Teach Forgiveness

Give the child in your life a better opportunity to live in peace and harmony, not only with themselves but with others as well.  This wonderful children's book with brilliant illustrations teaches children(and adults) all about forgiveness and what happens to our bodies when we don't forgive.  It also offers a great time for parents and children to have a conversation about forgiveness as well as gifted children.  Order your copy here or on the Fairies Teach Forgiveness page.

$10.00 plus 1.00 shipping



Healing Bath Salts

 All natural healing bath salts that combine healing energy for different areas of pain/discomfort or emotions.  These healing salts work with subtle energies within the body.  I have 7 different blends available and I can make special blends for different illnesses or emotions.  

Example of a blend:  This package of healing salts assists with Building Wisdom/Confidence, Pregnancy, Childbirth, hormones, regulates menstrual cycle, eases PMS, Constipation, Water Retention, Passion, new beginnings, circulation, and releasing energy blocks.

 Each blend has it's own list of purposes and if I don't have what you are looking for I can blend one for you.

To order the right salts for you contact me with what you are going through, or what area you would like to heal and I will send you just what you need.  

Available blends

1.  Creativity, motivation, leadership, yin/yang balance, muscles, heart, lungs, adrenal glands, uro-genital system, protects, calms, soothes emotions, aids in relaxation

2.  Feel better all over, go for it attitude, courage, new beginnings, wealth, right/left brain balance, digestion system, alleviates fear/worry, grounding

3.  Diabetes, obesity, pain, discomfort, re-energizing, focusing the mind.

4.   Wisdom, confidence, passion, new beginnings, circulation, skin, hair, fertility, pregnancy, child birth, hormones, regulates menstrual cycle, eases PMS, constipation, water retention, clears energy blocks.

5.  Hormone regulation, insomnia, head aches, migraines, addictions, obsessive compulsive  disorder, anger, calming/relaxation, hearing, clearing energies

6.  Communication, throat, skin growth, arthritis, broken bones, seeing your inner truth, perception, creative expression, endurance.

7.  Love, self love, romance, relationships, forgiveness, complexion, heart, spleen, kidneys, circulation and calming emotions.

 750 mL $10.00


 Guided Meditation A Journey Within by Jenn Prothero

 I am excited to announce the arrival of my very own guided meditation cd, which will be the first of many to come.  The meditations on this cd are intended to assist you on your journey within.  You will experience meeting and conversing with your guardian angel, and spirit guide as well as walk through the garden of clarity.

 Feed back as been very positive so far, I do hope you enjoy your journey. $15.00 plus shipping MP3 download available







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