Spiritual Sparkles Healing Center

Assisting those who are feeling stuck or overwhelmed,
 empowering them to use their inner strength to
 reach their dreams. Empowering passion.
......a healing hand along the way.

Sound Vibration Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal singing bowls offer powerful sound vibration healing.  Each bowl is attuned to one of the main chakra's in the body.  As the sound vibrates through your body it creates harmony not only within the body but in the chakra's as well. 

Each session is unique to the individual or group that is participating.  Through the power of intention many different outcomes can be experienced and everyone will have one that is unique to them. Depending on what the needs are of those in the session it may be accompanied by a guided meditation.   Sessions can be done either in person, in a group, or via phone.

For more information about the healing of crystal singing bowls see my other website  http://crystalsingingbowls.webs.com/

This service is also offered through yoga studios and wellness centers in my local area.  




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