Spiritual Sparkles Healing Center

Assisting those who are feeling stuck or overwhelmed,
 empowering them to use their inner strength to
 reach their dreams. Empowering passion.
......a healing hand along the way.

There is power in numbers.  When people gather, the energy intensifies.  When people meditate the energy not only has an affect on them, it  affects those around them.  When people set an intention to bring more light into their life, follow that up with thought, feeling and action, the energy manifests itself into exactly that.  

Join us to create more light in your life for 2018 by coming clean with yourself.    Set the intention to join the gathering that will hold space for your growth and healing as well as intensify your energy.  

All of which you can do from the comfort of your own space.  No need to leave the house, no need to change your busy schedule.  Therefore no excuses not to take the time for you.

Make the commitment to yourself today to bring more light to your life for only $23.75 a month.

Pay for 3 months up front and receive a FREE email reading.

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